IPAP is delighted to serve as a Sponsor Organization of the symposium, “Jung’s Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern Conditions”, Eranos and Monte Verità, Ascona (Switzerland), April 23-26, 2020.


An international conference by Eranos Foundation (Ascona, Switzerland), Pacifica Graduate Institute (Santa Barbara, California, USA), IAAP International Association for Analytical Psychology (Zurich, Switzerland), and ARPA Associazione per la Ricerca in Psicologia Analitica (Rome-Turin, Italy). With the support of Existential-psychologische Bildungs- und Begegnungsstätte Todtmoos-Rütte Schule für Initiatische Therapie (Todtmoos, Germany), Foundation of the Works of C.G. Jung (Zurich), ISAP International School of Analytical Psychology (Zurich), IPAP Institute of Analytical Psychology and Psychodrama (Ivrea, Italy), and Chiron Publications (Asheville, North Carolina, USA). In collaboration with Fondazione Monte Verità (Ascona, Switzerland).

We live in a historical phase of global volatility and deep uncertainty about the future. Most probably, this uneasy feeling will linger on for years to come. We do not understand sufficiently the global transformation process we have entered into beginning many years ago, as already registered and reflected by C. G. Jung in the early 20th Century in The Red Book. When Jung embarked on his inner journey of soul searching, he found himself in similarly volatile times. Turning inward, he created a work that gave his life a sense of meaning and direction with broad cultural significance. Today, The Red Book has enormous potential for becoming an epochal opus for a world living in the postmodern condition of the 21st century, offering us guidance in our present turbulent and uncertain times.

Program Committee: Thomas Arzt · Joseph Cambray · Murray Stein · Riccardo Bernardini

Including presentations by: Stephen Aizenstat · Thomas Arzt · Riccardo Bernardini · Paul Bishop · Joseph Cambray · Linda Carter · Al Collins · Len Cruz · Thomas Fischer · Toshio Kawai · Romano Màdera · Christine Maillard · Frank N. McMillan III · Robert M. Mercurio · Fabio Merlini · Elaine Molchanov · Lance S. Owens · Heyong Shen · Murray Stein

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